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Integrating a social news feed can
 boost your apps’ success!

Make use of the ultimate retention driver: friends activity

Products with the best retention have an inherent trigger that makes users come back. One of the most important triggers is the activity of friends. Checking what connections are up to can become a powerful habit very quickly. That’s why a social news feed can change the way users perceive an app. It shifts the focus away from the individual user towards a more network-centric experience.

News feeds make the interactions of connections in a user’s network visible. This makes them act as powerful retention triggers. A news feed therefore is the perfect basis to leverage notifications - no matter if they are transmitted through app icon badges, push notifications or emails.

News feeds make users view more, stay longer and consume more

Leveraging the mechanics of a news feed can not only increase your session frequency (retention). It can also increases the quality of sessions by improving metrics like session length, screen views, likes, shares, etc.

Recommendations of friends or people with the same interest are the most trustworthy source. By letting your users passively do recommendations you increase relevance and the trust in your product - no matter if it’s liking an article, favoriting a product or recommending a restaurant.

Leverage network effects to grow your user base and become more viral

The reason why social networks grow so much faster is simple: A user’s benefit increases with the number of friends connections he has. Only if this assumption is true for a product, it can grow through viral effects sustainably. The user has to have a motivation to invite others to the product. Most apps lack such a motivation.

The only way to make product truly viral is to create a social graph around it and implement features that demonstrate the benefit of this social graph. The news feed is perfect for that. It lets users consume what their friends are liking, sharing, posting, commenting, rating or adding. The more of those interactions a user sees, the higher the benefit. Inviting others to the product becomes a natural thing and not an incentivized behavior the app owner has to advertise for.

Network effects will help you to monetize your product

Every activity or feature that increases the growth and retention of your user base will have a positive impact on your monetization - no matter if it’s an eCommerce app or if you monetize through ads, in-app purchases or subscriptions. Growing your use base faster by retaining new users better and making use of friends invites, will increase the basis of users that you reach. Increasing your revenues will follow.

Besides this a news feed and the underlying social graph will open excellent new ways to monetize through advertising. Not only will your users be more valuable because they have a true connection to your product. The news feed also provides you with an immensely valuable placement to display high-quality native advertisements, which have less implication on the user experience and a much better performance than common ads.