Connect users and create a social graph

Establish connections between users to create a social graph around your app. Let us do the hard work so you can focus on the user experience.

Let your users connect with each other

Create connections amongst users and make your app become an engaging community.

Build both private and public networks

Tapglue covers both important connections models: Friends and Followers

Make use of the most important find friends sources

Tapglue offers seamless user matching through Facebook, Twitter and the address book.

Easy User Connections

Let users add and remove connections with a single tap.

Friends & Followers

We support both public and private networks.

Your Social Graph

Be independent from other networks. Build your own.

Seamless Friend Finding

Make use of existing social networks for user matching.

User Search

Easily integrate a user search in your product.

High Scalability

No matter if your users have 1 or 100K connections.