What 77% Say Is the Solution to More User Signups

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It’s a jungle out there. Everyone from the world’s largest companies to students in their parents’ basement have put out an app. No longer is a “cool” idea enough to survive the pitfalls, threats and competition that lurk around each corner. The entire user experience has to be positive starting from the very first entry point - the login.

In 2016, mobile users are expecting the convenience of the social login. They’re exhausted or simply maxed out on usernames and passwords. The social login gives users the ability to register on your website or app using their social media credentials from sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. 86% of people are bothered by having to create a new login for each website. 77% say that the social login is a good solution.

Out of all the social login options being offered today, Facebook is the clear frontrunner with it being used over in 2013 alone. 69% of global internet users are applying it to login to a website as of the . Other social networks didn’t even come close with Google Plus trailing behind with 25% of users applying it to login to a website or app.

The power is in the simplicity of the social login for the user, but where does the power lie for business owners? How does the social login make you a better business?

Account creation is one of the most important steps in the conversion funnel. Getting the registration experience right benefits business owners in several ways, including:

Increased Conversions:

Removing a registration barrier such as the traditional login will result in more website conversions. Users prefer a one or two click process that connects them more easily to your app. More conversions equate to more users that you can target with your brand’s promotional and newsletter content.

Improved Customer Data:

of people say they use false information when creating an account on a new website. The data stored on a social network is typically more accurate and up-to-date compared with data entered on a website to get through a registration process quickly. Additionally, social networks like Facebook give you access to information like demographics, interests, behaviors, location and network connections. Here’s a list of some of the major data properties that are collected by a few of today’s social networks :

social login data

Better Personalization:

Social logins give you permission-based insight into users’ real-time locations, relationship statuses, media preferences, and more. This enables you to start personalizing the experience the moment a user connects. For example, you can now greet users by name or display their profile photo, while featuring content and products that match their interests.

Reduced Risk of Abandonment:

of U.S. consumers say they have abandoned a site or app before registering because they were uncomfortable with the amount or type of data being requested. A social login is a less invasive option when in fact you do get user data in return.

Increased Engagement:

During future visits, the user will be able to re-enter quickly and not have to remember the unique username and password for your website. This increases the likelihood of future logged in sessions, while eliminating the frustration caused by password reset processes.

For app publishers, social logins provide a fantastic way to capture rich, permission-based identity data about users directly from the source. This information can be leveraged to customize marketing communications and site experiences, resulting in increased conversion rates and engagement.

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